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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

For some time now in our national television shows, more and more series of our products or from abroad. Considerable interest among viewers in the direction of the film drives, there is already a large group of geeks certain series, which is broadcast on television, often these maniacs record series concerned during their broadcasts, but not on the cover that the disc of the film can not be adequately exposed to among more than one collection.


DVD Covers are the most true collectors inseparable whole, but when a movie or tv series does not release dvd cover dvd to get to it is impossible. People who record their favorite TV series or movies when they air on television are usually doomed to keep the same plate with the present recording, because the lack of adequate cover dvd prevents complement your film collection. This problem does not apply to people who bought their favorite show or movie store industry because such boards have adequate cover dvd and you can use them to create their home collections.
In view of the people who own their own record your favorite TV series and because of the lack of adequate cover dvd they can not be highlighted was Covercity


This service makes its DVD cover, which were made exclusively of the said site, and are intended for private purposes. Anyone who lacks dvd cover, or cover the original DVD has been in many situations random destroyed can now download the a / service. Service provides various kinds of dvd cover - for serials to movies and cartoons, just to all sorts of issues dvd, dvd covers are scanned and covers so. "CoverCity" that is made ​​from scratch by professional graphic designers on behalf of the service.